Our clients

At LUG we believe that the best way to work is offering safety to our clients. Our products are being used for over 6 years, producing more than 700.000 cytostatic doses achieving zero error in our reference hospitals. 

Hospital Vall d´Hebron of Barcelona

  • During 2008, Vall d’Hebron was the first Hospital where LUG installed its products. The development has been carried out with the collaboration of its professionals.
  • According to the OCU (Spanish Consumers and Users Organization) it is the Spanish hospital with higher reputation in the field of Oncology and Cardiology, being placed among the 10 best Hospitals in all other specialties.
  • It has 1.146 beds and carries out 1.075.537 annual hospital interventions.

“It is technological innovation project of Pharmacy Service that has led to invention patented of Lug.” (Medication Error Prevention of Cataluña)

Parc Taulí Sabadell Hospital Universitari

  • It has been using the Lug Traza and Lug Trials systems since 2012, and Lug PEA since the beginning of 2015.
  • The Corporation, by means of Parc Taulí Foundation, promotes the teaching and the biomedical training, both for the already consolidated professionals and for the emergent ones.
  • It has 682 beds and attends about 150.000 patients per year

“The System provides a quality control that not allow any error throughout the process, because , if some error produced, the system would intercept it and will prevent that the process continue.” (Dra Maria Queralt Gorgas. Chief of Pharmacy Service of Parc Taulí Corporation.)

 SCIAS Hospital of Barcelona

  • It has been using the Lug Traza system since 2012.
  • It is a non-specialized hospital where most health problems that require hospitalization can be attended. It is organized and equipped to attend to the patients in the acute phase of illness, only in hospitalization regime, and for the practice of ambulatory surgery and urgencies.
  • It has 300 beds fully operational and 143.752 cases are attended annually.

Hospital Universitario Central of Asturias

  • It has been using the Lug Traza system since 2012.
  • The Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), located in Oviedo, is the hospital of reference of the Regional Health Service of Principado de Asturias (SESPA) and hospital of the Sanitary Area IV of Asturias.
  • It has 1.324 beds and attends to 34.310 annual average patients.

Hospital Universitario of Fuenlabrada

  • Lug Traza  will be operational in late 2016.
  • The University Hospital of Fuenlabrada, takes part into the public sanitary network of the Regional Health Office.
  • The hospital has 406 beds and It has assigned population of 219.639.


  • Lug Traza will be operational in late 2016.
  • Asisa is the Leader Company in Private Health Services.
  • It has 20.000 beds  of hospitalization and more than  1.700.000 members.