27/03/2020: #Coronavirus crisis: Lug, fully operational to support its customers

On the view of the health emergency that is arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as providers of health systems and services that we are, we would like to let you know that the Lug Healthcare Technology team continues to be fully operational to support all its clients. In parallel, we continue working to implement new systems to enable home delivery of drugs, avoiding the need to go to hospitals or pharmacies, and allowing patients to be permanently monitored by professionals of the sector, doctors and pharmacists.Our commitment with regards safety and professionals of the sector is today, and more than ever, our main aim. Lug will continue to strongly maintain all the efforts that are currently being put into force to face this health crisis and we would like to take this opportunity to show our support and to thank sincerely all the professionals who are working tirelessly to fight against this pandemic.As already said a few days ago, the Covid-19 is mobilizing researchers from large biopharmaceutical companies, and this has resulted in an unprecedented partnership. So far, and while we see the results of this unusual collaboration, we must remain firm in this fight, and in the part we are responsible for, guarantee the safety of patients and continue progressing towards new systems that will facilitate patient’s life and access to medication in such a complicated situation as the one we are living nowadays

05/06/2018: Lug presents its solutions for hospital pharmacy in the UK (I)

Lug Company was present in the “Reducing Medication Errors National Summit 2018” and “The Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2018” events (two of the main international events on Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy) that took place in London (UK) last April.
The Spanish company, through its presence at both events, showed professionals which are the features of its technological solutions to the Health sector, that have been developed focused on guaranteeing safety, quality and efficiency in the processes of hospital pharmacy.
Particularly, the meeting “Reducing Medication Errors National Summit 2018”, that brought together more than a hundred professionals in the sector, focused its debate on the analysis of a recent study, developed by university professors at Manchester, Sheffield and York, which reveals that more than 230 million medication errors occur in the NHS each year. Precisely, the report points out adverse reactions to medication as the main death cause in 712 cases.
In this sense, the present clinical professionals and healthcare companies’ leaders, among which was Lug, analysed the challenges faced by the sector and the improvements due to be implemented to address the medication errors that occur in hospitals in order to improve the safety of treatments. In this way, the meeting served to develop a program to reduce medication errors, implement recommendations to ensure future changes and support staff in the elimination of these errors. Likewise, during the day, there were also discussions about the need to correct the problem of surplus drugs and take precautions in relation to high-risk drugs.

05/06/2018: Lug presents its solutions for hospital pharmacy in the UK (II)

On the other hand, Lug was also present at “The Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2018” event, which attended nearly 3,000 professionals, who attended the meeting to learn about the latest developments in the sector.
One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of CPC Connect, a new online platform designed to support pharmacists in the new regulation of the sector that has a wide range of new content for the development of the pharmaceutical practice.
The congress, which hosted different symposia, workshops and conferences, held a new edition of the Best of Clinical Pharmacy Awards, awards that annually recognize the most successful professionals and teams within the pharmaceutical sector.

08/06/2017: Agreement between INCART and Lug

Lug Healthcare Technology and the Instituto Nacional de Cáncer Rosa Emilia Sánchez Pérez de Tavares (INCART), Dominican Republic Hospital specialized in the Oncology treatment and diagnostics, have signed a collaboration agreement with the objective of reducing errors and increasing the quality in the treatments of chemotherapy.
The Dominican center has implemented, in its Oncology area, a novel platform the offers higher quality standards in the critical processes of the hospital pharmacy.

26/01/2017: Success Case of Lug in “Emprendedores”

The surprising story of Lug Healthcare Technology. tells us about it on page 4 of the “Success cases” section. A treatment error that almost poisons him.

16/11/2016: Lug in the TV program “Telenoticias” of Telemadrid

Lug in the program “Telenoticias” of Telemadrid. The video shows the steps for the preparation of the drugs, assisted by the Lug Traza system. Gravimetry and labeling are some of the key system differences to eliminate the risk of making mistakes. The Head of Pharmacy Service and the Head of the Oncology Service of the Fuenlabrada Hospital explain the process.

11/11/2016: The hospital of Fuenlabrada inaugurates the Lug System

The hospital of Fuenlabrada is the first hospital in Madrid to implement the Lug System. In the news you can see the explanations of Mario García, Head of Pharmacy Service of the hospital, and José María Argüello, founder of Lug.

11/11/2016: Lug on TVE – Madrid News

The Hospital of Fuenlabrada has inaugurated the Lug System in order to eliminate medication errors in the area of chemotherapy. As TVE argues, a simple tool that provides safety to patients.

07/11/2016: The technology prevents errors in drug administration

Lug Healthcare, the Spanish start-up that eliminates medication errors through traceability. The system is based on a “digital guide” which guides technicians in the preparation of highly complex drugs, such as cytostatics.

24/10/2016: Lug in “Factory of Ideas”

José María Argüello, founder of Lug, tells us, in his appearance on TVE2 “Factory of ideas” program , how Lug software ensures comprehensive traceability in hospital pharmacy.

19/10/2016: World Breast Cancer Day

From Lug Healthcare we want to support all women who are fighting against breast cancer.

15/09/2016: Digital guide to avoid errors in Oncology

Lug is based on a management protocol, aided by a software application, which guides professionals in the preparation of cytostatics at the hospital pharmacy, avoiding medication errors.

07/09/2016: Lug Healthcare Technology has been assessed by Gesvalt

For us, it’s very satisfying to work with companies like Lug Heathcare Technology that develop high social impact projects and that contribute to the improvement of health-related processes”. CEO of Gesvalt, Sandra Daza

28/07/2016: How save in Hospitals

Base on the “Innovation in Hospital Pharmacy Processes” report, elabored by Lug, it is concluded that the use of Technological Tools in Hospital Pharmacy carries about a 10% of savings on Pharmaceutical spending.

18/07/2016: How to avoid errors in Hospital Pharmacy

It is already possible, with new Healthcare Technology, to detect errors before they affect patients, getting hospitals to save up to a million euros per year.

01/07/2016: Digital entrepreneurship

Lug comes back in RTVE’s program “Emprende Digital” (min 20:14)

09/06/2016: Asisa has implemented Lug Traza

Asisa Hospital Group has started up a new technological solution for ensuring eficiency and safety in oncology treatments.

02/06/2016: Huca joins Lug Traza

Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias has implemented Lug Traza System in Oncology area. With this new technology, the hospital gets a individualized control on each patient so that the incidence risks are minimized.

02/06/2016: Why was Lug born?

Lug was born after the personal experience of José María Argüello, when he nearly suffered a mistake in his medical treatment. From that case he realised the lack of traceability in Hospital Pharmacy.

20/05/2016: Evidence-based medicine

Senior Health Members met to discuss innovation and clinical management. Inigo Cuesta, Organization Director of Lug, was present.

24/04/2016: New Commercial Director

Pedro Zorita Francés is the new Commercial Director of Lug Healthcare Technology. This appointment is part of our development strategy in Spain and beyond our borders.

22/04/2016: What is Lug?

Discover the benefits of Lug watching our show on RTVE’s program “Emprende” (min 10:20)

05/04/2016: Pharmaceutical expenditures, a warhorse

Pharmaceutical expenditures grew up 26% from february, 2015 to january, 2016, according to Ministry of Finances and Public Administrations, becoming one of the items responsible of the country general deficit.

03/04/2016: 10 questions to be an entrepreneur

Discover how the founder of Lug, more than 60 years old, has became entrepreneur.

11/03/2016: Technology as source of savings

Many hospitals don’t have automated the pharmaceutical management and carry out the processes manually, increasing the chance on errors.

29/02/2016: Against cuts, efficiency and traceability

Health professionals and medication prices are the factors most affected by cuts, but also research and new technologies. We should think about the future and the importance of technology in hospitals, as a way to improve efficiency.

15/02/2016: Connecting prescription, production and administration

Lug has developed a software that controls the whole processing of drugs in order to avoid errors. This is the only software system on the market that connects prescription, validation and production, conservation and storage and dispensation.

08/02/2016: Lug eliminates errors in Hospital Pharmacy

Lug system eliminates errors in Hospital Pharmacy, producing control throughout the process from prescription to administration. But it is not just that, pharmacist valorate as extremely positive this solution.

16/12/2015: Traceability will save 1.799 million euros

A report that was prepared by Lug concludes that traceabilty in Hospital Pharmacy will save 1.799 million euros.

15/12/2015: Where are errors medication?

Errors in hospital pharmacy medication are a 40% in prespription and 25% in administration.

31/08/2015: Optimus Project

Optimus Project eliminates chemotherapy errors. Barcodes allow tracking throughout the process.

14/04/2015: Safety in cytostatics preparation

Sixth conference of patient safety and medications, prepared by Anna Farriols, Pharmacist of Oncohematology area in Vall D’Hebron Hospital.

21/02/2015: Traceability in cytostatics

Sixth conference of Tecno about traceability systems in preparation and administration of cytostatics. Presentation prepared by María Queralt Gorgas, Chief of Pharmacy Service of Parc Taulí Corporation, regarding the use of our system.

10/10/2014: Medication errors prevention

The system provides such a control that it does not allow for any error throughout the process. Just in case an error is produced, the system would intercept it and would prevent the process continuation.

16/06/2013: The system does not allow for errors

A technological innovation project for Pharmacy Services that has led to the patented invention of Lug.