Lug PEA: Assisted Electronic Prescription System 

prescripción electrónica

Lug Pea is based on using a series of drug protocols assisting the doctor’s clinical decisions, and on an updated drugs database, interfaced with Vademecum database.

Lug Pea implements completely novel functionalities and concepts in the field of hospital electronic prescription.

The general process of electronic prescription covers the following steps:

1. Authentication of prescriber/user by name and password

2. Selection of patient

3. Creating a line of drugs, either a new petition or a modification of an existing one

4. Review and acceptance or validation to proceed with the order

During this process, the Lug PEA System offers support to help the decision making:

imagesAdvising on how to create comprehensive orders with legible and appropriate information

imagesOptimizing the clinical process

imagesImproving the work flow

imagesOptimizing costs

imagesComplying with the established guidelines

imagesReceiving relevant training for patient care

Once the order has been approved, it is transmitted to the involved pharmacy departments for immediate processing.