Lug Traza

Lug Traza: System of production of citostatic preparations

trazabilidad hospitalaria

In the cytostatic preparations production for oncological patients is where we can better show the advantages of Lug Traza,  notwithstanding that it also includes other production types such as Magisterial Formulae and Parenteral Nutrition.

Lug Traza  covers four processes:

A. Drugstore
B. Production
C. Quality Control after production
D. Administration

The process of Lug Traza follows this steps:

1. Reading barcodes drugs

4. Gravimetric control

2. Validations of prescriptions by Pharmacy

5. Label with necessary information

3.Selecting doses by a voice system

6. Identification of the nurses, the patient, the box, the drug and pump

The most important benefits of Lug Traza are:

Prevents medication errors

Increases Safety and Quality

Supports comprehensive traceability

Archieves cost savings