Traceability solutions for critical processes in hospital pharmacy.

The safety

that accompanies you

SHP is a Spanish technology company specialising in the development of traceability, safety, efficiency and quality solutions for critical processes in hospital pharmacy. Our goal is to provide intelligent and efficient solutions to optimise these processes.

Every step with SAFETY

Reaching the right patient, with the right medication, the right dose, the right route of administration and at the right time.

Traceability that guarantees QUALITY

Pre-established procedures to control the medicines management chain at hospital level, from prescription to administration.

EFFICIENCY is what we strive for

Optimisation of vial utilisation, reconstitution times and expiry dates.

More than 10 years of EXCELLENCE

Extensive experience in public and private hospitals in Spain and Latin America.

SHP Solutions

Electronic Assisted Prescription System


- Treatment planning
- Standardised protocols
- Prescription management

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Infusion Production and Administration System

SHP Traza

- Assisted production
- Quality control
- Control of patient administration

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Hospital Data Analysis System


- Integrated information system
- For the different stakeholders
- Control of hospital activity

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Automated medicine Dispensing System

SHP Dispense

- Unidose system
- Identification, packaging and dispensing of medication

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with added value

  • Your training up to date

    We offer detailed information on the use of each tool for healthcare workers, with face-to-face and online options, and accreditation of participation.

  • Real-time support

    Team of technicians at your service remotely for immediate resolution of incidents.

  • Always seeking improvement

    We are constantly evolving and optimising our products to ensure traceability and process safety.

  • SHP Listen

    We are open to listen to personalised needs and suggestions to develop new products that improve every stage of the in-hospital process.

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