Lug Trials

Lug Trials: Management System for Clinical Trials

ensayos clínicos

 Lug Trials supports an integral traceability of:

  • Documentation
  • Persons / Recruitment
  • Drug / Nº Kit
  • Hospital Pharmacies / Temperature
  • Production
  • Quality Control / Certification
  • Administration

This System provides a comprehensive control of clinical trials in the hospital pharmacy, preventing delays and cutting unnecessary costs on drug destruction and also cutting personnel travel expenses, covering from the documentation of the administration to the patient, up to the rest of the areas that intervene in the process, either Productive (flow station) or Dispensation (oral treatments).

Special emphasis is done in all the critical points of the process, including temperature, gravimetrical and identification controls, among others; all this information is stored in the traceability database, which, furthermore, becomes a priceless knowledge database.