Lug UD

Lug UD: Automated Dispensation System of Medicines in Unit Doses

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With the Lug UD System it becomes possible to increase the efficiency of the process of dispensation of medicines in unit doses throughout the hospital, since it improves the management of the information, reduces the implication of infirmary and pharmacy personnel in logistic and administrative tasks, and manages and controls the medicine’s use and increases the observance of hospital policies.

This system is composed of several pieces of equipment, two types of them (processing and storing) are located in the central pharmacy of the hospital and equipment of a third type (dispensing) is located at every serviced floor, that are:

Loader: received drugs from the manufacturer are split into individual doses and packed in mono-product cartridges that pass through the rest of the circuit.

Storage Warehouse: lay up and store the unit dose cartridges, centralizing the logistics to the dispensers.

These equipment will be located in the central pharmacy of the hospital and the unit dose cartridges will be delivered to the floor equipment.

Floor Dispenser of unit doses: equipment into which the cartridges with different drugs are loaded. It picks and packs stored drugs accordingly to the quantity that has been prescribed for every patient. It uses a system of labeling that eliminates risk of errors at administration. It dispenses the unit dose prescriptions in the hospital floors ensuring each patient is dispensed the correct prescription.