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Given that SAFETY of the therapeutic process for patients begins with a correct prescription and ends with correct administration, Lūg Healthcare Technology offers an integral System for: Medical Prescription, Pharmaceutical Validation, Preparation and Administration at the Hospital Pharmacy and Administration at outpatient clinic, covering the entire process:

Real-time, active traceability of errors and passive traceability in order to efficiently implement safety measures recommended by independent, professional reports.

Better overall outcomes in patient safety and quality of health services.

100% Guarantee of accuracy between the prescription and the treatment given to the patient.

Our products


Lūg Traza is the flagship of the Lūg System. It controls the entire process, from the receipt and validation of medicines in the hospital pharmacy to the production of cytostatic doses and the quality control through to the administration to the patients.

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Lūg Trials provides a control framework for clinical trials that manages the process of trials and their traceability: Documentation of trials and participants, Reception of kit boxes, Recruiting, Production, Administration, Dispensation, Returns and Destruction.

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Lūg Prescribe assists in producing electronic prescriptions, in a secure and effective manner, from treatment instructions provided by the physician. It eliminates later transcriptions of these orders for hospitalized and ambulatory patients (outpatient clinic and emergency room).

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Lūg Dispense is a unit dose system that identifies, packs and dispenses the medication of hospitalized patients on an automated and integrated manner.

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